White Star 4″ Fresnel 100 Watt Light

The White Star 4” Fresnel 100 Watt Light is designed and built for professional photographers, videographers and cinematographers who want high quality at an affordable price.

The 5600K Daylight Fresnel light delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance.

The WS-F100’s features include a 4” Fresnel lens with a spot to flood focusing knob and a quiet active cooling system that delivers reliable, consistent performance.

The WS-F100 White Star 4” Fresnel 100 Watt Light is made from a solid aluminum construction, and has an energy efficient LED that has a high output with an excellent color rendering index.  The White Star has local built in dimming as well as a digital readout for assigning the light to a DMX channel.   The ultra quiet active cooling fan pulls heat from the fixture.  The 4 leaf barn doors cut and shape the light and can be folded flat for transportation.





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