Miller 100mm Carbon Fiber Tripod

The HD tripod range features adjustable flip locks for quick setup and easy maintenance. The 925 tripod is built with the strength and torsional rigidity to take the full ENG/EFP workload in extreme climates. This 2 Stage 100mm tripod is the most popular HD tripod in the Miller range with material construction using Carbon Fibre tubing the tripod offers a lighter setup for ENG/EFP work on location.

Miller HD Ground Spreader

Lightweight, hi-strength machined, rapid set-up and pull down by keeping tripod legs at an equal or preset distance

Miller 150mm Carbon Fiber Tripod

Portable and incredibly light for its robust strength, the 937 is a 150mm Heavy Duty Carbon fibre tripod with altitude. Send it up to 1615mm (64″) or down to 520mm (20.5″) The 937 guarantees film-style stability across the range.